Hi, welcome! I am Hong Zhang (张弘), a NYC-based graphic designer.
This is a site of my selected works, enjoy. :D

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Sound/Image Collage [ interactive ]

A screen-based piece incorporating with motion, images, and audio. The interface consists of a set of 7 by 4 modular grids, and each module contains a clip of short film and an audio track. By clicking on grid modules, the images and audio are played or paused. The images form different compositions, and audio tracks blend with and play on top of each other.

The project was exhibited at the 2014 VCUarts MFA Exhibition at Anderson Gallery.
Audible Image / Wearable Sound [ fabric print ]

The images being printed was originally generated by a sound editing program. After re-composed and collage, new images were printed on silk, and became a wearable scarf.

Graduate Seminar Archive [ print ]

An archive of my weekly writings and visual responses for graduate seminar class.

Body/Object Sculpture [ video, still image, sculpture ]

Body/Object Sculpture is a project I did during five-days long workshop NEO New York in The Cooper Union. Instructed by Jake Yuzna, I developed body/object sculptures, presented in 3 ways - a color still image, a process video, a b/w booklet. Thus the definition of sculpture get extended, it is not only a physical substance, but also events happen in sequence.

Noi...se [ soundtrack, cover design ]

Noi...se is an edited piece of digital noise which was originally generated by an image (the picture below.) Using sound editing program to convert visible image into invisible sound is a fun experiment to me. Later on, the image was made into the cover of my sound work.