Hi, welcome! I am Hong Zhang (张弘), originally born in Hangzhou, China.
I'm now studying in the MFA program of graphic design in VCUarts, Richmond.
This is a site of my selected works, enjoy. :D

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Graduate Seminar Archive [ print ]

An archive of my weekly writings and visual responses for graduate seminar class.

Body/Object Sculpture [ video, still image, sculpture ]

Body/Object Sculpture is a project I did during five-days long workshop NEO New York in The Cooper Union. Instructed by Jake Yuzna, I developed body/object sculptures, presented in 3 ways - a color still image, a process video, a b/w booklet. Thus the definition of sculpture get extended, it is not only a physical substance, but also events happen in sequence.

Noi...se [ soundtrack, cover design ]

Noi...se is an edited piece of digital noise which was originally generated by an image (the picture below.) Using sound editing program to convert visible image into invisible sound is a fun experiment to me. Later on, the image was made into the cover of my sound work.

Amiko Li [ website ]

A portfolio site proposal for photographer Amiko Li, click to see the design. Site not in use yet.

China Residencies Talk [ flyer, 5.5in x 7in ]

During my summer internship at non-profit organization China Residencies, I was assigned to design a flyer for our talk/presentation at Residency Unlimited. My proposal was this simple and clear b/w flyer since our limited budget not allowing us to make colorful fancy ones, I used five stars to represent for China and I liked the work very much.

A Bibliography [ book, 8.5in x 11in ]

During my study of graphic design, I've been reading and SKIMMING books and images a lot, some were required by school, some are for my curiosity. Here is a bibliography poster of 50 books, websites and films that I like and dislike, but somehow essential to design field, among the things I saw.

100 Phrases(On-going) [ cards, website ]

100 phrases is an on-going project I started since February, 2013. I've been collecting the interesting (actually most of them are silly) parts of my conversations with friends. Inspired by the Keep Calm and Carry On propaganda poster, I simplify those silly conversations into short phrases (which imitate Keep Calm and Carry On phrase pattern somehow) and record them for a personal archive of memories. I also ask my friends to simplify phrases for me, they are contributors for this project. Big thanks!

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